Accepted Papers

  • "Snowflakes at the Edge: A Study of Variability among NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Boards"H. Abdelhafez, H. Halawa, K. Pattabiraman, M. Ripeanu (University of British Columbia)

  • "Rearchitecting Kubernetes for the Edge"Andrew Jeffery, Heidi Howard, Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge)

  • "Edgedancer: Secure Mobile WebAssembly Services on the Edge"M. Nieke, L. Almstedt, R. Kapitza (TU Braunschweig)

  • "Increasing Traffic Safety with Real-Time Edge Analytics and 5G"I. Lujic, V. De Maio, I. Brandic (Vienna University of Technology), K. Pollhammer (Swarco Futurit), I. Bodrozic, J. Lasic (Vienna University of Technology)

  • "Detecting and Mitigating Network Packet Overloads on Real-Time Devices in IoT Systems"R. Danicki, M. Haug, I. Behnke, L. Mädje, L. Thamsen (TU Berlin)

  • "Accelerated Training via Device Similarity in Federated Learning"Y. Wang, J. Wolfrath, N. Sreekumar, D. Kumar, A. Chandra (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

  • "Privacy-Preserving Crowd-Monitoring Using Bloom Filters and Homomorphic Encryption"V. Stanciu, M. van Steen (University of Twente), C. Dobre (University Politehnica of Bucharest), A. Peter (University of Twente)

  • "Towards a Computing Platform for the LEO Edge"T. Pfandzelter, J. Hasenburg, D. Bermbach (TU Berlin & Einstein Center Digital Future)

  • "EdgeNet: A Multi-Tenant and Multi-Provider Edge Cloud"B. ┼×enel (Sorbonne Université), M. Mouchet (LIP6), J. Cappos (NYU Tandon School of Engineering), O. Fourmaux, T. Friedman (Sorbonne Université), R. McGeer (US Ignite)

  • "Scheduling Continuous Operators for IoT Edge Analytics"N. Patient, N. Georgantas (Inria Paris, France), V. Christophides (ENSEA, ETIS, France)

  • "Towards Federated Learning with Attention Transfer to mitigate System and Data Heterogeneity of Clients"H. Shi, V. Radu (University of Sheffield)

  • "AlertMe: Towards Natural Language-Based Live Video Trigger Systems at the Edge"N. Ye, Z. Hu, C. Phillips, I. Mohomed (Samsung AI)

  • "eCaaS: A Management Framework of Edge Container as a Service for Business Workload"L. Cao, A. Mercian, D. Tootaghaj, F. Ahmed, P. Sharma (HP Labs), V. Saxena (HP Enterprise)